Start working on your college applications and essays before the frenzy and excitement of senior year begins with our College Application Workshop and one-day essay course.

College Application Workshop – Rising Seniors

Applying for college can be a daunting process. This 4-day workshop goes through all the basics to create a college list, make a high school resume, start applications, practice for interviews, begin their essays and more.

Students will work both 1:1 and in small groups throughout the workshop which will help reduce their stress for senior year.  For those students applying early action or with fall sports or other extracurricular activities, this is an excellent opportunity to make solid headway on all that needs to be done.

Every day will have an agenda and guest speakers to maximize their writing potential and understand the differences about applying to a variety of colleges.

Students will also create an individualized timeline for senior year based on their schedules for college app deadlines.

There will be some work to do between sessions.

The workshop is led by Wendi (a certified college counselor & credentialed teacher) as well as a college essay editor, and guest college students.

 $450 – Watch for Summer 2019 Dates

College Essay Day
This is a one-day workshop for students to brainstorm and get started on their college essays. Covers the basics of writing a compelling essay that highlights personal experiences.

$95  – Watch for Summer 2019 Dates

SAT/ACT/PSAT Workshops – Summer 2018

Our test prep curriculum includes instruction and practice with SAT and ACT Test Taking Strategies, Math Basics and Strategies, Sentence Completion Strategies, Reading Comprehension Strategies (short & long passages), Test Day Strategies, Geometry, Advanced Arithmetic & Algebra, and Essay Writing.

Unless otherwise noted, all SAT and ACT Prep Courses consist of 16 hours of instruction. There will be some homework assignments.

Our PSAT Intensive Test Prep Course is a two-day, 5-hour intensive course that prepares high school sophomores and juniors with test-taking strategies and practice.

SIGNATURE SUMMER  SAT COURSE  ($495 – Prep Guide included)

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SUMMER ACT COURSE – weekdays ($495 – Prep Guide included)

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SUMMER PSAT CRASH CLASS ($150 – Prep Guide Included)

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