Navigating the college process can be daunting. At the California Learning Center we offer college counseling and college planning services that include: how to choose and apply to colleges, how to write a college essay, how to strategically select high school courses, extra-curricular activities, and more.

CLC College Counseling 

We offer a free 30-minute consultation for 8th through 12th graders, which is a brief introduction to navigating the college process.

The essential college consult is 90 minutes, available to all high school students. It covers the basics of the process. We will discuss the student’s interests, skills, and achievements, as well as high school courses and extra-curricular activities.

The comprehensive package is an individualized plan created for the student. To begin, we will discuss the student’s needs, interests, abilities, and priorities. We will find out what the goals are for college, and determine top choices. Throughout these ongoing meetings, we will provide support in staying organized and keeping grades up in high school, as well as encouraging the student to pursue his/her extra-curricular activities. Finally, we will brainstorm, read, and revise college essays, making sure to preserve the student’s own original ideas, but with an extra set of eyes to identify opportunities and catch any mistakes. From interviewing to reviewing resumes to planning college visits, we can help in every aspect of your college application process.

Hourly consultation: this includes client contact hours plus research and other edits or reviews.

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