Is your child falling behind in a subject at school? Maybe they dislike reading? Perhaps your student is on the edge of comprehension and just needs a positive push that one-on-one attention from a tutor provides. A child’s success in academics is very important for their future sense of self-confidence, educational goals and happiness. At CLC we strive to enrich the whole child.


The California Learning Center offers 1:1 individualized tutoring on site or via Skype. We provide academic tutoring of all subjects and homework help based on the needs of the student. From Kindergarten to adults, we are available to assess and support. For the high school student, the process might include academics, motivation, and/or test taking. Call or email us to arrange a visit or make an appointment.


Some students feel overwhelmed and need help with structure and time management. Others need help choosing the right classes, how to plan for a productive summer, or navigating the college admissions process. We provide support for the individual person and teach how to build confidence in the areas where support is needed.

We can help with:

• Organization and time management •
• Motivation and support •
• Increasing productivity (ie, homework) •

Kindergarten through 8th Grade

Our qualified teachers and instructors will assess a student’s needs, develop a program in all areas that need support, and work 1:1 with each student. For some, this may mean reading comprehension and study skills. For another, it could be writing support and vocabulary or math. From rigorous to intervention…


For the high school student, there’s more to balance. An individual plan is designed for each student and this could be part academic, part motivation, organization, or test-taking.

Every student comes with different strengths and weaknesses and we work to give them the tools they need for the present and future.

How to enroll and get started


    Private tutoring is arranged via phone call – please call us at (805) 563-1579 or send us an email.


    View all of our upcoming courses and programs. To sign up for a course or a camp go to the course description page and find your exact dates. You can pay via Paypal or with your credit card using Paypal. No account set-up is necessary. For future purchases you will be given a choice to save your financial information with Paypal. Please note that the CLC does not receive or retain any financial data from PayPal.


    To enroll in a course, you must complete our Registration Form, which is available online here. If you would like to download, print, and mail in the form, please click here.

CLC recommends Khan Academy for online tutorials and SAT preparation. All Khan Academy content is available for free at http://khanacademy.org.

CLC is not affiliated with Khan Academy – we just like what they do!