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If hitting the open road with a car full of kids sounds a bit stressful to you, try the suggestions below for making the experience fun and relaxing. Family road trips can make memories of a life time, and you don’t need to travel far. A simple camping trip can break the monotony of hot summer days without breaking the bank.

  • Plan ahead.  At minimum, the first 24-hours should be planned as this will set the tone for the remainder of your trip. Driving from hotel to hotel during the busy summer months or being turned away at the campground is easy to avoid. Make the necessary phone calls to reserve your space before the car leaves the driveway.
  • Load the books. Even if luggage space is tight, bring books for everyone in the family. Stories for all ages and interests will help occupy time in the car and might, just might, prevent the kids from encroaching on each others’ space. We have great reading lists for all ages on our Pinterest
  • Play games. Remember the car games like 20 questions and the Alphabet game from years back? Well, they are still as fun as ever for the whole family.
  • Map the route. Physically holding a map and tracing the route is challenging and fun. Stop by AAA for maps, or print a few pages from an atlas so the kids have something to mark as they follow along. Of course there are apps for this, but learning to read an old-fashioned map (on paper) is a valuable skill for all ages.
  • Charge electronic devices. Tablets and apps can be entertaining (and educational) travel companions if the devices are charged and ready to go. Remember to bring chargers and headphones.  Age appropriate games, stories, and music can be shared among siblings or used independently.  See below for lists of games and apps.
  • Write postcards. Have your children send postcards to themselves and others from their newly discovered locations. This way, you will have pictures waiting for you at home (actually printed), and your kids will practice writing while away from school.
  • Enjoy! Have a sense of humor and don’t be in a hurry. Stops for the bathroom and stretching of the legs are part of the plan.