During the school year, parents often ask if their child would benefit from learning with a private tutor…

By Wendi Ostroff

They may have a child who is falling behind or one who wants further depth and enrichment. Or, perhaps a student is on the edge of comprehension and just needs a positive push with the additional value that one-on-one attention provides. This is especially true if your high school student is struggling in a class beyond a parent’s ability to help.  All of these scenarios benefit from private tutoring and here’s why:

Eight (8) advantages to working with a private tutor.

  1. Focus. If your child is struggling in one particular area, a tutor can create a program that is geared for your student’s individual needs in that particular subject.
  2. HW support. There are times when a student’s homework becomes too challenging for a parent, they don’t remember the content, or it’s taught differently. A private tutor can provide the answers your child needs, help to get the work done, and offer the tools for your child to work independently.
  3. Increased confidence. This is an important factor for students in and out of the classroom. Tutoring can help a child feel more confident with their school work, which can boost self-esteem and help motivate them, too.
  4. Increased comfort and participation levels. Many children do not speak up in class, and participation counts. Working with a private tutor –asking and answering questions aloud– will help them gain the comfort and confidence to speak out in a group setting.
  5. Fewer interruptions. A classroom environment can have lots of distractions which can affect a student’s comprehension, performance, and, ultimately, their self-esteem. This also applies to students who struggle with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and ADD with Hyperactivity (ADHD). With a private tutor, students can focus on tasks with minimal distractions and fewer interruptions.
  6. Get up to speed. If a student missed some school, moved from another state or country and needs a greater understanding of a particular subject, a private tutor can identify key areas for improvement to help the student get caught up.
  7. Enrichment. If a student is doing well in a subject and wants to get a jump on the year ahead or prepare for a specific standardized test, working with a private tutor will help them achieve more success and offer the advanced guidance they seek.
  8. Organization and time management. Perhaps your child needs time management skills and a system to assist them with organization. A private tutor can set up a structured plan, when to study and how to study, to enable them to get their work done in a timely manner.

A child’s success in academics is the most important priority for their future sense of self-confidence, educational goals and happiness. With an increase in class size, it can be difficult for a child to receive the extra attention they sometimes need. A tutor can provide that additional, highly focused, one-on-one attention that can make the difference in a child’s life.