Your success is the center of our services. Here are some great stories from our customers:

Extremely Helpful!


More Confident

Wendi at California Learning Center was a big help when my son needed to tweak his score. She accommodated not only our crazy schedule, but also a unexpected last minute reschedule. I really wasn’t expecting her to be able to do that but she really helped us out. We are still awaiting our new score, but the difference is my son went back into the retake much more confident. He definitely quickly learned some good tips and material to be more prepared.

I felt the price was reasonable as well. Overall, I’m very pleased with our experience at California Learning Center.

Thank you Wendi!

Dr. Kathy Patmore

Improved my scores

Wendi is awesome. She is on top of her stuff (as well as mine) and I would have been lost if I didn’t have her guide me through the college application process. I also took an SAT course at the center which helped me improve my scores tremendously. I wish I had started seeing her sooner and would recommend her to anyone.

Senior from Santa Barbara High School

Individualized Approach

I am a local Santa Barbara mother who feels fortunate to have Wendi Ostroff as owner of The California Learning Center. I have two children who took advantage of the various tutoring and classes offered. My son, a senior in high school, took an excellent SAT prep class that he felt was extremely individualized and worthwhile. The investment he put into the class definitely paid dividends.

Also, my daughter, a high school freshman, utilized the center’s tutoring services all semester and this greatly improved her geometry skills. She appreciated the individualized approach and ended the semester on a high note. Wendi is very qualified to run the center as she is a mother and a dedicated long time Santa Barbara public school teacher. She has tremendous insight and compassion for her students.

If you are concerned about your student or they just need a little assistance I would definitely call the California Learning Center, I am grateful they are in our community.



Wendi Ostroff worked for years as a sixth grade teacher at Roosevelt School and was extremely well liked by all of the parents and children she taught. As a parent and volunteer in her classroom, I can say that her teaching was exceptional because of her energy, focus, professionalism, meticulousness and most of all, because she really took the time to get to know and appreciate each child for his or her own merits.

Now, in her new capacity as the director of the Califonia Learning Center she is able to provide support and instruction for high school students preparing for the ACTs and SATs. I was delighted to hear that she was working in this capacity because I knew that my sons would have a chance to be taught be her again. I trust her implicitly and know they will have a much better grasp of the concepts and demands of the test as they take on the SATs and ACTs.

Katie Laris
Parent and SBCC Instructor

Your Class Really Helped Me

I just wanted to tell you that I got a 32 on the September ACT, that’s 3 points higher than the first time I took it!
I think that your class is really what helped me. Thanks so much!


My Teacher Was Really Happy

I was doing poorly in 6th grade, so my parents wanted to try the California Learning Center to see if they could help. I did not want to go and came with a bad attitude. After 3 sessions, I started to get comfortable with my tutor, Cindy. She made learning fun, so I tried. My school work has improved, in just a few months, and my teacher was really happy at my last conference. I feel more confident in school now and like it more than before.

Collin R. Wells
6th Grade Roosevelt Elementary

Welcoming Space

CLC is a great place for my 11th grade daughter to deepen her learning skills and get personalized, focused attention – so sorely lacking in her large classes at school. Wendi makes CLC a warm, supportive, and welcoming space dedicated to creative learning. I highly recommend CLC.


Less Stressed

Wendi at California Learning Center cares about each of her students succeeding. Her approach in preparing my daughter for the ACT has been beneficial in making her feel less stressed and by providing her with the strategic tools to pace herself during the four hour exam. The group sessions have been quite enjoyable amongst friends. Wendi’s team of teachers have held my daughter accountable for her studies eliminating me as the “nagging mom.” This program has enhanced my daughter’s ability to take the ACT with confidence and that in itself is priceless!


I learned so much!


Supportive Environment

My daughter struggles with some learning deficits along with gaps in her language arts and math skills. Wendi and the tutors at the CLC listened to us, as parents, and our daughter, to devise a thorough learning plan over the summer that took into account her busy schedule of work, summer school, and friends, in an effort to “fill in the blanks,” yet challenge her in a supportive environment. The staff kindly offered her educational, professional advice and challenges in a supportive, loving, safe environment. She progressed well and always felt comfortable being at the CLC. I could not have found a better match for our daughter. I am forever grateful to the caring people at the California Learning Center.

Thank you, again.
Mother of 2, local educator for 20 years

A Love For Learning

I highly recommend CLC! My son, Jack, struggled in math his first year of junior high school. CLC was not only able to teach him the concepts he struggled with but also instill a love for learning in him. Jack’s confidence, skill set, and attitude toward math completely changed. Thank you to CLC for providing Jack with the skills necessary for success! Your program definitely proved successful!


The Tutors Know Their Subjects

When my son, Ben, started to struggle a few weeks into AP Physics, I knew he needed extra help. At that, this helicopter mom quickly switched gears from naysayer to problem solver. That’s where Wendi at the California Learning Center came in. She quickly paired Ben with a fantastic physics tutor who helped Ben immeasurably all semester long. What good is it for a tutor to know a subject inside and out if he or she is unable to communicate it effectively? Wendi makes sure that her tutors know their subjects AND can teach them.

Ben ended up getting a great grade in the class and has been accepted to his college of choice and, thanks to Wendi and the California Learning Center. Thank you,